Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Paleothea.com is no longer made by Ailia Athena

Hello all,

This is a long delayed post, but I figured I should share. Paleothea.com is no longer my website. I do not have access to it, I cannot update it.

I began the site as a free Geocities account in 1996 and made up the pseudonym Ailia Athena because my mom was scared about me putting my real name online. Over the years, I painstaking scoured AltaVista, then Google, for images and artists and the names of goddesses and ancient queens who I could tell other people about. I bought books, then added what I learned there to the site. I went to college, majored in ancient Greek language and literature, and then added what I learned there to the site. And eventually, I changed my path. I started going in new directions and decided that I no longer had the energy or inclination to keep updating the site.

So http://www.paleothea.com now belongs to Ezoic.com. It's the end of a major chunk of my life and I was sad to say goodbye. But I'll still occasionally post here or as a guest blogger on Bubo's Blog.